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Revolution Plus For Cats (5.6lbs - 11lbs/2.6kg-5kg) - Orange

Revolution Plus For Cats (5.6lbs - 11lbs/2.6kg-5kg) - Orange

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Hi there! 

Please select this option if you would like us to administer a dose of Revolution Plus For Cats (5 to 10kg) on your kitty.  

Revolution Plus for Cats offers protection against heartworm, intestinal roundworm, and hookworm. A single dose can kill adult fleas within 6 hours and is highly effective for up to 35 days. Recommended for adult and senior cats weighing 11.1-22lbs/5kg-10kg and living an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

It is recommended that your cat(s) has/have a recent dose of flea and tick treatment before joining a boarding place. We do not wish for any of the resident cats to catch anything or pass anything on to your cat(s) during the stay. 


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