Cat Boarding Service FAQ

Hello there!

Looking for boarding service for your lovely kitty? Look no further. Read on to see what we offer. 

Free-roaming and Stress-free Environment

Our place offers a cosy, free-roaming and smoke-free environment.

We also practise fear-free handling and we do not force your cat to do anything it isn't ready for. 

We will only handle your cat in a secure and assuring way so that it could also enjoy its stay!


Is this the first time your cat is going to a boarding place with other cats? 

We are well-aware that the first time is always more stressful, even for hoomans. We will introduce your cat gently to our place using a soft playpen so that it could observe the hoomans and other cats before meeting them directly. 

Hissing is a natural defense mechanism. We are not overly worried about it, unless they seem really overwhelmed and the hisses are a lot more intense than the usual. In this case, we would suggest letting your cat stay in the playpen a little longer or go to private room to acclimatise. 

Health and Safety

We only accept healthy, vaccinated, sterilised cats (sorry no dogs), with an up-to-date Frontline/Revolution treatment.

We are extra careful with communicable/zoonotic/contagious diseases and viruses. Please ensure that your cat is well before boarding. 

We are committed to keep our space safe for all cats and the hoomans living in it. Hence, we clean and sanitise daily with F10 Veterinary Grade Disinfectant. 

What do we provide?

We provide the following as part of the stay:

  1. Food and water bowls
  2. Water fountains
  3. Cat litter tray (for tofu litter)
  4. Freeze dried cat treats (on demand)

What to bring along?

We recommend that you bring along the following items:

  1. Cat food (changing it too often might cause issues)
  2. Litter (sufficient for the entire stay)
  3. A familiar toy (to help your kitty feel more comfortable)

Have any questions? Contact us to find out more! 



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